Unforgettable brand photography and design. For businesses who want to stand out, be noticed, be real.

Brand photography is more than just a snapshot in time.

The right image tells the story of your business and the people who make it happen.

My name is Tina Hart Prieto. I am a creative visual storyteller, an experienced graphic designer and photographer working with business owners and entrepreneurs. You make your business unique – I’ll help you create a brand that is distinctive and shows the person inside the story.

Based in Cannock, Staffordshire, I offer brand photography and design across the Midlands and the UK.

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Christmas gifts for your family and your business

More than ever this year Christmas needs to be amazing, so I’ve put together some creative, fun and thoughtful gifts. There’s something for family, for clients and even for your business. There’s quite a choice, so read on for some fantastic Christmas present ideas:...

Photoshop, to do or not to do?

You would not believe how many people ask me: “Can you just photoshop me beautiful?” “Can you make me look slimmer, younger, taller?” The list is endless, and this is what I hear from 98% of people who are about to have their picture taken.  What amazes me...

On the search for the magic in photography.

I am always told I have such patience. I think my children would disagree, but at the end of most of my photography sessions it’s something that is always mentioned. And to me it’s just a natural way to be when working with people, beautiful natural images cannot be...

The importance of images in your brand

The thing I love the most about brand photography is bringing out the personalities that make your business successful – showing the people behind the brand. We all know people buy from people. As you know from the pandemic it’s been highlighted all over again – the...

How Personal Brand Photography can boost your business.

A Personal Brand is just that, its personal which means YOU have to show up in your images! I cannot stress how much value unique authentic images of you are for your business. They tell your story and show your clients exactly who you are, what you do, who you work...

What on earth is a Virtual shoot?

Virtual Photoshoots give you the opportunity to get new photography for your social media posts whilst in lockdown.

Spring clean your business brand

Now is the ideal time to take a really good look at your brand. Use some time to look through your website and your social media platforms