How to take photos like a pro – the online photography course for beginners

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About the course

During my photography course for beginners we’ll cover the basic skills to get you started. All you need to add is enthusiasm and practice to take your photos to the next level.

This course includes:

  1. An introduction to photography and how cameras work.
  2. Understanding light and exposure, and which settings on your camera to use.
  3. Composition techniques to make your picture pop.
  4. Storytelling with your photography.
  5. Indoor and outdoor photography.
  6. Editing your photos using computers or smartphone apps.

How the course works

This is a 4-week online photography course. Each week you’ll be given a lesson, tips and a task for you to practice the material. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for Q&As and to share your progress with other members of the course.

Step 1 – Join the Facebook group

Step 2 – Watch the video guiding you through the theme for the week

Step 3 – Review the tips

Step 4 – Practice your new skills with the weekly task

Step 5 – Join the live Q&A session each week to see how others are doing

You can also message me at any time through the 4-week course for 121 questions and support with the material.


My name is Tina Hart Prieto. I am a creative visual storyteller, an experienced graphic designer and photographer working with business owners and entrepreneurs.

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