Desirable images that drive sales and enhance your brand

Create an impact: Sell the story with inspiring product photography.

Let your products be seen

A photograph of your product has a lot to do. It needs to create an instant impression, to capture attention, awake the senses, create an instant desirability. It needs to sell.

With a creative product shoot, I’ll help you to highlight the quality, craftmanship and beauty of your goods. From delicious food, amazing gifts, practical tools – whatever the product, I’ll take inspiring photographs that sell a story and turn scrollers into shoppers.

Working with me

Before every shoot we’ll discuss the theme and target audience so that we have a clear idea of your goals. I’ll create a personalised mood board and discuss my ideas on how to create the most impact. Then I’ll begin your perfect product shoot and you’ll receive a link to your beautiful online gallery.

Choose your plan

I offer a number of options to make your product shoot perfect for your needs.

Pick a package based on the number of products you need to photograph.

Or, if you have a constantly changing portfolio, I offer a retainer package from as little as £100 a month for 6 products.

For more details just book in a call. We’ll discuss your goals and the best plan for you.



5 Photos


Lifestyle staging

Prop prep

Product Prep

5 photos of 1 product only

£19 an image for additional images



10 Photos


Lifestyle staging

Prop prep

Product Prep

1 photo of 10 products only

£18 an image for additional images



50 Photos


Lifestyle staging

Prop prep

Product Prep

2 photos of 25 products only

£7.50 an image for additional images

Have you ever worked with someone who just “got” you? And produced high quality work that delivered what you wanted better than you could put into words yourself?

That’s what Tina Hart Prieto did late last year when she produced a range of headshots and flatlays for PRPSFL.

From “getting to know you questionnaire” through “mood boards” to the shoot itself, Tina’s approach brought the best out of me.

She then professionally dealt with the worst of me* on the day of the shoot to produce amazing content. She also amused my three-year-old while doing it. A true superstar and a strong recommendation from PRPSFL Towers.

James Bolle

Captain, PRPSFL

I worked with Tina on my recent brand photoshoot which was an absolute pleasure and a hoot! Tina started by asking me to complete a detailed questionnaire about me and my business and what I wanted to get out of the shoot. She took the time to find out what I wanted the end result to be and what I wanted my photographs to say about me.

Tina met up with me for a chat before the session itself to get to know me better and to talk through the location and where we were going to take the photos. She helped me work through some ideas of what to wear and wanted to make sure that whatever I chose, the priority was to feel comfortable. The day of the shoot was fun. Tina made me feel really relaxed and encouraged throughout the whole process.

The end result was a portfolio of wonderful photos that truly captured my brand and my personality. I would highly recommend Tina at Capture 24 for your photoshoot.

Imogen Allen

Web Designer, Umbrella Digital Media