Marketing has always moved with the times, but perhaps never faster than now with social media such a valuable and easily accessible tool. But when the marketing is fast-paced, your business needs a lot of fresh images and creativity to keep up.

One of the ways I can support a business as their brand photographer is to offer a retainer for commercial images. That means that growing and busy companies always have someone close by to get fresh shots of the latest achievements.

A growing stock of nursery images

Busy Bees is the UK’s largest childcare provider. With over 370 locations across the UK and Ireland, they regularly have news to share. Over the last couple of years I’ve been part of their marketing team, working on a commercial retainer. I’ve taken photographs for their websites, brochures, newsletters and resources.

Brand photography is about telling a story through pictures that answer customer questions. Potential parents of Busy Bees want to know about the food, the rooms, layout and buildings. Every single building – as each nursery is different. They also want to know about the staff – headshots of every member of staff that might interact with their child.

Then there is promotional material – signage and brand shots – and educational material. Busy Bees provide a raft of information – nursery resources, parent information, innovative programmes such as ‘Dance with Buzz’ and Montessori support.

Finally, there are one off events such as awards nights or news events. Every single element that makes this amazing brand needs documenting and photography to support them, and to use in marketing to keep the brand awareness actively growing.

Building your portfolio of images

I’ve taken some part in producing the images Busy Bees use annually. Not all of them – I haven’t been to every single location. But by having regular interaction with the company, I keep them supplied with fresh resources for up-to-date news, and they have a strong portfolio of stock images to use as needed.

And, by working together repeatedly, I have a detailed and personal understanding of the Brand, ethos and requirements so that each shoot is accomplished with the least disruption for the best results.

“We’ve worked with Tina on a variety of different shoots and she is always great to work with and produces great results. She works tirelessly until we get everything we need and turns around the images really quickly. The quality is fab every time”

Jenny Shaw – Lead Academic and Research Developer