I am always told I have such patience. I think my children would disagree, but at the end of most of my photography sessions it’s something that is always mentioned. And to me it’s just a natural way to be when working with people, beautiful natural images cannot be rushed.

When photographing occasions that do not happen often, you have to remember that people are coming together who haven’t seen each other for a year or longer so magic and emotion is going to happen at some point, and I’ll be there waiting for it. Whatever the occasion there will be magic, and I will catch it. I am easy going and will chat to anyone, people and their story’s interest me so people warm to me easily, which is very important because who actually likes having their picture taken? Not many people trust me, 99% of the time the first thing people say to me is “I do not like having my picture taken”. And to that I would say, you haven’t had me take your photo yet.

Magic to me, is laughter or an emotional connection to something or someone. At a wedding it may be happy tears when the father sees his daughter the bride, at my pop-up studios its waiting for that baby or toddler to warm to me to give me their biggest best smile, with personal branding and headshots its waiting for the person to relax into the session to ensure we get images that represent their true self. At an event it may be waiting for everyone to have a drink and forget I am around; everyone is always very aware of me being there in the beginning but a couple of drinks in and I am their best friend.

Whatever or wherever the magic is it’s a connection that I am thrilled to be a part of.

If you would like to feel at ease on a photoshoot and have an occasion you need to photograph, please do get in touch.