The thing I love the most about brand photography is bringing out the personalities that make your business successful – showing the people behind the brand.

We all know people buy from people. As you know from the pandemic it’s been highlighted all over again – the importance of buying from our local high street, supporting local business, building a stronger community.

Why does it matter?

We all know people buy from people. As you know – just after xmas it’s been highlighted all over again – the importance of buying from our high street, supporting local business, building a stronger community.

small business meme

The biggest difference between buying from many large retailers and a local business is the face of that company. Knowing the person behind the brand makes us relate to and trust in a business much faster – and stimulates more brand loyalty.
What successful brands come to your mind, that still have a recognisable face today?

I think of Dyson – James Dyson started as a one-man band in 1978 and today is selling in over 65 countries around the world.
His face is still on his website and he still appears in his own adverts so we relate to him, respond to his conviction in his product – I would say we all care more about our Dyson’s than other vacuums as we have followed his story of the years.

screenshot of dyson homepage
Henry hoover

Except maybe Henry. And why is Henry so successful and recognisable?
Because they put a face on it!

Virgin is another one – Richard Branson a recognisable face behind the brand. Knowing the face behind the brand is hugely important even more so knowing they will personally stand up and endorse their product and be prepared to apologise when it goes wrong builds trust. Richard is very good at apologising, just don’t google it as he looks like he has to do it often.

screenshot of Richard Branson headline

I was at a conference a couple of years ago and Yeo Valley from America were talking about how their sales had dropped the previous year, and after spending a small fortune understanding why, they came to the conclusion that they had stopped telling their story, about where YEO VALLEY came from.

They then prioritised their marketing budget to include new tv advertising to tell the story about how it all began, using the very first images they had of the business going way back to the founding members and their values. They’d started to understood the value in their story.
Building trust in a business requires

  • Being authentic – no manufactured images, just the real business going about real daily life
  • Being transparent – honesty in what you do, apologising for what you do wrong, taking responsibility for how your business behaves
  • Shared values – Relating to your customers, understanding what they care about and showing you care too.

How does a business build trust?

The examples of Dyson and Virgin are key. They build trust by being the visible face of their companies.
This is essentially how I help a business to grow. I take brand photographs that display the personality behind their brand.
Brand photographs are not just headshots. They may show you at work at your desk, meeting your clients in a coffee shop, giving a workshop or talk, behind your till, baking your goods, creating your products, the list is endless and your images can just keep growing and growing every year as your business evolves.

This gives your customers a chance to feel they know you, before they even meet you and feel at home in your shop, before they even arrive.

How often have you followed someone on facebook and then met them in real life, its like you already know them and its such a necessity to brand, not a luxury. From good photography you can be connecting with more clients who are the kinds of clients you want to work with because they get you and what you offer and thats what we all strive for isn’t it?
Imagine you were going to see a therapist. Would you pick a website with a blank website – or a website with a picture of a smiling face – or even better, the house you will be visiting so you can easily find your way?

Woman in red against yellow background

How it works

When I do a brand shoot, I spend time getting to know you first. I have an extensive questionnaire we work through that helps me understand

  • What your business does
  • Where you want to get to
  • Your target audience
  • Your values
  • Your brand colours and style

I will talk to you and send over a mood board of how I think we should approach the shoot, we then talk about your likes and dislikes from this.

We’ll then plan some shots in advance, so we know if we need specific products, props or colours to match your brand colours, and work out a couple of outfits so you are ready to change on the day – for example, no patterns.
A common thought is that you have to dress in your brand colours, thats not really the case, you need to dress in what is comfortable for you and what compliments you, not your brand.

No two photoshoots are the same, I tailor it to your business so you have a unique bank of images to keep you going for months, providing you with exactly what you need for all your marketing requirements.