This is how it works:

  1. You use your phone in your house/office
  2. I use my laptop in my house
  3. We use zoom or facetime
  4. You set up the phone as instructed in my email when you book
  5. I advise you where to place the phone
  6. The photos are taken from my laptop
  7. Gifs and stories get created
  8. And then they all get sent over to you for use on facebook or Instagram

Why would you need this kind of shoot?

As a business owner you know you need to be visible in your brand and right now people are scrolling social media more than ever, but you can’t get a brand photography shoot because the photographer isn’t allowed in your house/office and your hair isn’t how you want it to be.

“I’m really impressed with the images Tina managed to create in very challenging circumstances, and her creativity and expertise shines through”.

Wendy Hill – Hill Start Nutrition.

This shoot is a stop gap of images for use on your social media only as the quality isn’t as good as a real shoot, but its good enough to see you through this pandemic. Maybe your business has changed a little in this time and you want to communicate that, maybe you haven’t been present on-line at all and no-one knows who you are, this is a perfect way to introduce yourself.

It’s really good fun, we have a few giggles which we all need right now. Plus you are supporting a charity at the same time as £20 of the price of the session gets sent to ‘The Brain Tumour Support Charity’.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are either, this week I worked with Jen Kilman – Career Development Coach, all the way from the U.S. Global photographer can now be added to my CV id say.

Things to consider:

  1. Where the light is in your house/office at a certain time of day
  2. Ideally you want the light from a window in front of you, or at a 45 degree angle
  3. How bright is the light? Some shots may not be possible if the light is too bright in a certain place so a few different places in your home/office may be needed
  4. What’s in the background of these shots, you want it to be relevant to your business and tidy
  5. What colours you are going to wear to compliment your brand colours as stories will be made from your brand colours, you need to choose two tops to wear.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is contact me via my contact page on my website and I will send over the invoice and all your instructions.

If you book a Virtual Shoot this can be used as a Booking fee for an actual ‘face-to-face’ Brand Photography Shoot which I have various packages to choose from, so technically this shoot then becomes free.

The brand shoot can be taken within the next 12 months and the final payment is due a week before the shoot.

If you have been putting off having a brand shoot, now is the time to try this out in the comfort of your own home, the more you show up on social media the more your clients get to know you and buy from you.